We can provide anywhere in The World a project from A-Z with a minim turnkey price.
We are making things happen.

Our activity in Romania

We have a team of 280 technicians with high level expersise in telecom field and a strog project&design department which in 2017 was desighing 150.000HP HFC/FO network. Telecom experience from 2006, with well trained telecom engineers. Experience & expertise in: installing all types of cables – on polls, directly on ground, underground blowing cables, micro-trenching, service and installation on FO, Cu, RF, WiFi with teams in all Romania, with dispatch 24/7.

Our activity in Germany

Specially trained telecom engineers on Cu, FO, RF . Partnership with BFE. The main contractor that we worked for was BFE. Beneficiary of our partnership was Deutsche Telekom. Germany locations: Essen, Frankfurt, Dortmunt . We offer maintenance for DT networks, poles chancing and network cosmetics. Installing and service for DT clients Building FO, Cu, RF networks for DT We worked in Germany since march 2011, in present we have 22 guys working for BFE

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Cable installation

Satellite antennas, blowing optical fibers, RF/FO Design & implementation of underground and aerial networks, and networks within buildings .

Maintenance and service

For telecommunication equipment: PBXs, digital and analog terminals, manager-assistant systems, FTTH projects in Romania, UK and Germany

Low voltage electrical installations

Industrial and residential parks: design and building. Data and video access control networks.

Expertise in call center .

Dealing with thousands of clients on montly base AVG 16.000 clients our center departaments is well designed and integrated on our customer needs Dispatching Installs, Service, for both residential and business clients for 2 the biggest telecom Operators in Europe with more then 200 mobile teams in all Romania Managing 190.000 new sales in 2017 ans running big projects in all Europe with very high demanding and challenging KPI’s.

We price our quality .

We run telephone, e-mail,field audits after our employees, all this and reposting are run by a special traind and very strong QC department, with PM well traind and motivated We have 3 layers of audit on customer experience First audit is run independently by our department Second our department together with our partners Third we also have third’s partides audits for our technical quality and customer satisfaction One of the most important KPI is Net Promoter Score when we are averaging 8,5 – 8,7 out of 10. Where the target is 8.

Our Expertise in Claim’s/troubleshooting .

We are also doing service/mentenance for our clients. Taking calls from the clients in our Call center. We try first to solve over the phone their problems to reduce time and be more convenient for the customer, we solve small issues, light service (PC problems, or CPE’s problems reseting, speed test, etc) The second step if the truck rool that can’t be fixed remotely we despach. Tehnical teams out to solve their claim/troubleshooting Again all thes are under strong supervision on KPI’S and SLA

Outcource your office needs .

English speaching outsourced employees traind and eager to work long hours On your desire needs of time frame 24/7 On hourly rates or on project base, we can be creative You can shift volumes between departaments claims to salles, or billing to office data enter Again all these are under strong supervision of KPI’S and SLA that we can set up strong online system We can solve your both now seasonal and full time needs and lower your costs in the office too.

    Services to the highest standards

    We have management certificates, valid in European Union which certifies that we are able to provide perfect services:

    ISO 9001: 2015

    ISO 27001: 2013

    ISO 14001: 2015

    OHSAS 18001: 2007